Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is Catharsis Worship School?

Catharsis Worship School is a school designed to promote creativity and self identity. Consisting of Online, and In Person Classes, as well as Mentoring and Hands on Experience, Catharsis aims to create responsible, whole, creative worshipers.

Are these classes accredited?

Currently, these classes are not accredited, however, we do offer certificates of accomplishment and completion. Our main focus is the pursuit of worship and the heart of the artist, this pursuit is difficult to define as it pertains to accreditation.

What certifications can I earn?

We offer certificates of Achievements and Completion, awarded through the school.

What classes will you have in the future?

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Registration FAQs

How do I register?

Registration is always open, go to to register, or for more information about classes.

Mentorship students do not have associated coursework, and will be contacted separately after registration to make arrangements for private and group mentoring. They still need to register and pay at

What does it cost?

The cost for each class varies. Please view our Pricing area for information on individual class costs.

How do I pay?

You can pay for classes via PayPal when you register. Paypal offers credit card, and check payments. If you need to pay cash,   please contact us directly Here.

Are there discounts available?

YES! We offer discounts for early registrations (registering more than 1 week in advance of the start date), and for large groups or worship teams. To receive more information about our discounts, contact us!

My husband and I want to take the class together, is there a family discount?

YES! Class registration is per-household. You and your family can take the online or in-person classes together for one registration price. However, a small fee will be collected on the first day of our in-person classes for additional class materials. (You will be notified in advanced.) Please let us know if more than one family member will be taking the class, to ensure all students get proper credit, Contact us here.

I am a Worship Leader, I want my team to take this class.

We offer discounts for worship teams or other large groups that would like to take the class together.

We also have a Facilitator option, where you can facilitate your team through the classes on your own schedule.

Contact us for more information!

Class FAQs

Where are the classes held?

All classes are available online!

More information can be found on our classes page.

Are the online classes streaming live?

No. The classes are not streamed live. We record each class and send it through a brief editing process before uploading it for you to watch. The videos are cut into short 8-12 minute segments, making it easy for you to study the individual components as time allows.

Because of this, you can work at your own pace and watch the videos on your own time! However, you will only have ten weeks to complete the class!

How much time will these classes take?

Each class consists of 8 modules, recorded and uploaded in approximately 50 short units (8-12 minutes each). You will have access to the videos from the semester start date to the end date (Around 10 weeks).

You should plan to spend about 3 hours a week on each class. Each module contains about 1 hour of video footage, which you may watch and re-watch anytime. You should spend time throughout the week practicing, completing homework, and re-watching videos that you did not fully understand.

We are always available, via email, to answer any questions you may have regarding your class work.

Will we have class homework?

Yes, each class will have some form of homework. However, it is not graded and will rarely need to be turned in unless specified. You are not taking these classes for a diploma or certificate, you are taking them for self-improvement. You are the only one who can judge your progress, and it is up to you what your commitment level will be. For best results, complete all of the homework twice. If you choose not to complete homework, it is your own loss!

If you would like to be held accountable for your work, posting your quiz and homework results to the discussion forums is a great way for you to interact with other classmates and ask questions on topics you didn’t get right!