What Separates Us?

Opposable thumbs– it’s not the only thing that separates us. The ability to think individually from one another, to come up with our own ideas and act on them. We are not herd nor pack animals. We don’t live via instincts or will of the wind. We are individuals, designed by God, in the image of God. The ability to think for ourselves, come up with our own personal ideas, and act on those ideas is what separates us from the animal kingdom. It is this freedom, this right, that we have been fighting for throughout history. We fight for it as a burgeoning young adult – the freedom to make our own choices. We fight for it in our laws– free choice, free religion, democracy. And yet, we don’t fight for it in our own church.

The church is the most important place to demonstrate our individuality and creativity. The act of worship is the act of sharing with God a part of ourselves as a way of loving Him and demonstrating our adoration. The one thing that is truly uniquely ours is our own mind and imagination, and thus the things we create from our own ideas.

Yet, we go to church on most Sunday mornings and sing songs birthed from someone else’s ideas. Many of these songs are from someone that lived and wrote hundreds of years ago, and we pass this off as our own worship. We admire art that someone else created, even paying extensive prices to have copies of other people’s work in our churches and homes. We watch other people dance across the stage, admire their fancy footwork and adore the dancers, yet refuse to sway to a beat.

God designed us In His Image. God designed us to create. Why is the unchurched world the foremost in this arena when we, as followers of Christ, are the ones who claim to be pursuing the Heart Of God? Why is the Christian Church the last in line in the race to create the Next Big Thing?

Let’s bring change to the world by creating something spectacular!

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